Thanks for purchasing a Hexi custom name night light.

1.Remove all items from packaging or box.

2.Place wooden night light base onto a flat surface.

3.Hold the acrylic insert on the sides and carefully peel the protective film being careful not to touch the clear acrylic as fingerprints leave marks. Do not rub or attempt to clean the acrylic as it is easily scratched. If cleaning is essential dust with compressed air or hold under running water and allow to drip dry.

4.Once peeled (on both side) insert the acrylic insert to the LED wooden base with the 2 tabs facing downwards.

5. Plug light into USB power source 5v maximum. 

6. If white night light use rocker switch to turn on and off light.

7. Colour select switch operation:

3 buttons  like this  ( + )     ( Power)     (  - )

To turn on night light press the middle power button, to change the colour, cycle through the 7 colours by pressing the power button, once it cycles through all the colours it continues to cycle through flashing versions of each colour. To turn off the night light hold down the power button.

Once a colour is selected the brightness can be adjusted with either the (+) or (-) button.