Personalised Doormats



Add a personal touch to your entryway. Personalised door mats also make a perfect gift. 

Lots of designs for customized door mats to choose from:

Design 1 is any 3 lines of text 10 letters max per line

Design 2 is a laurel wreath with single letter option

Design 3 is a black border with 1, 2 or 3 letters or 2 letters with a & or +

Design 4 is small letters in right bottom corner 1, 2 or 3 letters or 2 letters with a & or +

Design 5 has a black border with 3 lines of classical text, max 10 letters per line 

Design 6 is The "Enter Surname" Family only the surname can be adjusted. Max letter count 8 letters. 

Design 7 is classic text style one line only 11 letters max

dimensions 75cm x 45cm (mat size may be upgraded to accommodate large amounts of text) 

Please enter a STREET address when purchasing this item as PO boxes are not accepted.

Please allow about 4-6 weeks for manufacture, the mats are made from natural coconut fibre so variation in colour, pattern and texture during mat manufacture will occur. Each personalised doormat is hand printed so variations from advertising graphics/ images may happen in the manufacturing process. All text will be printed in uppercase. Over time the mat and text will fade/ lighten in colour, this is normal. Not recommended for use in high traffic or full sun exposure areas. The mats are grown and made in India.  

Care and Cleaning 

Please note all Coir mats are prone to shedding. For longevity, the mat should be undercover, away from rain/ moisture and sunlight as it causes the fibres to swell, come loose and fade. Do not put in washing machine or submerge in water.

Once an order has been placed it can not be changed or cancelled. 

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