The Five Best Beach Accessories Your Kids Need

Going to the beach with your tribe is always the ultimate adventure. The latest beach gear and accessories trends are always changing, but we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to improve your beach day. Some are even custom!

  1. Beach umbrellas and shelters! Whether it is a 20- or 40-degree day, those pesky ultraviolet rays will be out in full force. To keep your little ones away from those and the heat, a big and sturdy umbrella are the best way to shelter their soft skin. Not only does it give you a nice place to rest in the shade, the added peace of mind of that extra layer of protection is great. If you find the wind picking up, the shelter is the even better option. Not much keeps kids from having fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit in the sandstorm. Tuck yourself away and keep watch from the comfort of your beach tent.

  2. Catch and Release Beach Aquarium Kit! A child’s fascination with sea life and everything that comes with a trip to the beach will never subside. So why not stop the smuggling of little crabs and a thousand shells into the car and home and purchase a portable aquarium. Not only does it have a trusty handle, but the completely clear bowl will allow a 360 degree view of anything they can get their little hands on. After a full day of prodding and poking the little cabs that get picked up, teach your children the importance of letting them go home too. The easy remove lid lets the trapped become free, and your car only taking sandy kids home.

  3. Portable Bluetooth speaker! Everyone loves a couple of tunes when hanging at the beach, there’s no better way to get the morale back up after everyone lugged the beach gear across the hot sand. The fact that’s Bluetooth is the real appeal, no pesky cords that risk shoving grains of sand into your device. Hands free and splash proof, what more could you want in your ultimate beach accessory.  So, shop around the find the budget friendly version you can afford and get the party started.

  4. Personalised Beach Towels! Hexi offers a range of colourful, soft and personalised towels that will separate your tribe’s beachwear from the hundreds of others also catching some sun. Available in a range of colours and two fonts, there will be something to please everyone, and even stop the fighting between siblings! The towels are crafted in pure cotton and features a soft velour front and absorbent terry reverse.  Each towel is individually made and personalised just for you with your choice of text.

  5. Portable Outdoor Shower! Tired of the constant tracking of sand through the car and into the house? The idea of a portable shower might be music to your ears then. The quick rinse in the carpark before climbing into the car will help you in the long run and keep the whinging of itchy legs on the way home to a minimum. Small and compact, it packs easily away in the boot for whenever you need.

Don’t forget to go easy on yourself for the day, embrace the chaos and enjoy the day whether it’s drizzly or sunny – memories can be made in all kinds of weather.