Hexi Has Tips On Turning Nightmares Into Sweet Dreams

Nightmares or scary dreams can start from a very early age, and as we all know, they are not something that anyone wants when they fall asleep for the night. As a parent, you certainly don’t want your child frightened in the middle of the night of some perceived danger.

Below are some tips and tricks to help overcome those pesky night terrors and how to deal with after effects of a scare in the night:

  1. Do not be dismissive! Nightmares feel very real at the time; a child needs your love not your judgement at this time. Lots of hugs and soft-spoken words of comfort are needed at this time.
  1. Talk the dream through and label it- It was bad dream. Let them know these dreams are not real, that they are awake now and perfectly okay.

  2. Keep calm and supportive. No one brings comfort like a Mum or Dad, so don’t rush them. Its important that their feelings are validated, and to let them know you’re in no rush to leave. Your calming energy will encourage them to calm themselves.

  3. Encourage the conversation to continue in the morning. Having your child talk about what was scaring them in the daylight can often aid in the loss of its power. Reassure them once more that its not real, or even provide an alternate ending. Introduce new characters, someone that always saves the day. Turn something negative into something fun.

  4. Finally, introduce a Personalised Night Light into their room or nursery. The soft calming light can do a great job or reassuring them that they are still in their room and safe should they wake. It also does a great job of lulling your baby to sleep in the first place- use the red light feature to induce drowsiness and send your little one into a peaceful snooze.

We hope these few tips can really help when it comes to the scary and exhausting bad dreams and everyone can sleep a little easier in your home.