personalised name water bottle

Choosing the right personalised water bottle

Should a bottle be re useable?

When considering which personalised water bottle to purchase it sounds silly but a reusable waterbottle should be just that. Many plastic bottle can release BPA when reused many time, this then seems out into the very water that it to be consumed. Stainless steel water bottle don't have such a problem, they can be re used many times with having this problem.


Plastic is by far the most popular choice of water bottle but there are other choices. Aluminium, glass, plastic even ceramic are all material types to be considered when choosing a reusable water bottle. By the best performing in all categories should be the stainless steel water bottle.

Lid type

The bottle is only half the equation. There are many different types of lids and features to choose from. Flip lid, pop lid, wide mouth, sports lid, no drip, with straw, without straw, screw on lid etc. The decision should come down to personal preference along with the intended use. For example a screw lid usually wouldn't be chosen for a young child. But children often like the pop top or flip lid as it provides easy access to the water. 

Environmentally friendly 

One of the many benefits of re using a stainless water bottle is that its environmentally friendly, by reusing a quality bottle for your family or child you can save many disposable plastic water bottles from landfill. 

Personalisation or custom Name

The ultimate way to add that something extra to your personalised drink bottle is to have a name engraved. Other than your own name your child's name on the bottle is the perfect addition. 

July 25, 2021 by Danyial Jameel