How Red Light Can Help Your Baby Sleep

Looking for the cure to sleepless nights with your bub who’s constantly waking or not getting to sleep in the first place at all? Red light therapy, such as sleeping with a red light can really help turn those loud cries into little snores.

The easiest way to introduce the calming effects of red light is through a Custom Night Light. Not only do they illuminate a soft red hue, but the fact you can customise these night lights with your child’s name can add a special touch to the bedroom or nursery as well.

Most children’s nightlights come in a green or blue, a common misconception that these are the most calming colours. Recent research has proven this to be incorrect, and the most calming light colour for sleep is red. Red is the only colour that does not have a negative effect on the secretion of Melatonin, the sleepy hormone.

Why is Melatonin helpful in sleep?
The internal clock within our bodies, or circadian rhythm which has been with us since birth tells us when its time to sleep. As soon as the sun starts to go down, and day turns to night, our bodies start to create Melatonin. This hormone helps to regulate our sleep-wake cycle, even relaxing your muscles and lowering your body temperature.

Not only does the Hexi night light have this colour, but it also offers a range of colours to illuminate your child’s name. This allows you to flow between the fun different colours for when your bub is in a much better sleep pattern- and the red light for when they need that little bit more help.

Its even worth noting that sleep isn’t the only thing that red light can gently aid, thousands of studies have been published on the positive effects of red-light therapy- helping your body function more efficiently, with more energy, and better circulation.

Why doesn’t a blue light help in sleep?
We’ve always been told to keep any screens out of the bedroom, and the proof is in the research. Not only does the white and blue light emitted from devices keep your brain overly stimulated in a place that is supposed to be only for recharging and rest- but the fluorescent lights can delay the release of Melatonin and reset your body’s circadian rhythm. This will result in taking longer to fall asleep, you’ll have less REM (dreaming) sleep and ultimately, you’ll wake up feeling sleepier.

Having a night light is perfect for night time feeds and to help scare away the monsters that sometimes raise their troublesome little heads in the night, but make sure you choose one that has the option of a red light, so that bubs can get to sleep and sleep well!