How Hexi can turn a boring party into a memorable event

Everyone loves to host an event or a party and always looks forward to making it more memorable and enjoyable. A small different change can turn a party into a memorable event. Parties are once in a blue moon type of things and deserves attention for party preparation. 

There are so many small and beautiful things which can change the vibe of the party. Hexi brings out the most exclusive and beautiful looking custom made art pieces for your party decorations to make it a memorable and attractive 

Here top 4 custom made Hexi accessories for your party:

1. Hexi Donut Wall

This is the most exclusive and eye-grabbing party entity you can get for your in-house event or for an outdoor party. You can fully customise the donut wall as per your party decoration and flaunt your style and decoration taste to your guests. 

You can easily get this donut wall on rent for your parties and events. Place this decorative wall behind your cake cutting place or at corner of your event hall and wait for its magic. It looks so beautiful, no one can resist to take a photograph with this donut wall.

Hexi Donut Wall


2. Mini Script Name Place Settings

Mini script names are amazing accessories when you are hosting a lunch, brunch or a dinner. These are custom made stylish name plates made up of Gold Mirror Acrylic, Silver Mirror Acrylic, White acrylic, Black acrylic or Bamboo.

These looks amazing and eye-catching to your guests and make them feel more special when they notice such small details. Make your special day more memorable with these Hexi mini script name place settings. 

 Mini Script Name Place Settings


3. Wedding Letter Sign

Wedding is the most important day of everybody's life. Each and everything whether small or big plays an important role in the wedding event. So it becomes a priority to make this every joyful and memorable event.

To make the event day more attractive and enjoyable, Hexi brings out the coolest and unique wedding signs for your wedding event. The wedding letter signs can be made up of any colour combination from available 5 colours. Available in two different sizes to fit in every event place.

Wedding Letter Sign   

4. Custom Rectangular Wedding Sign:

Custom rectangular wedding signs are amazing and most attractive art pieces you can have for the special day. These are the custom hand-made wedding signs which you can use at the entry of the wedding venue or at the wedding ceremony hall.

IT absolutely looks stunning and attractive at every place, you just need to decide the content and take a perfect design and we will handle the rest. The backgrounds and text colours are: Gold Mirror, Silver Mirror, White, Black and Bamboo.  

Turn your party into a memorable event with the Hexi's custom made accessories. These small yet beautiful add on can bring the greatest joy and happiness to your event and your guests. 




April 09, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse