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custom script name plaque

Custom made accessories brings aliveness and uniqueness into everything. These accessories not only creates instant eye-grabbing but also shows your brand authority. If you gift a custom-made accessory, it makes loads of impact over any normal gift. Everyone loves such kind of beautiful gifts.

Hexi offers a wide range of customized products which perfectly suits your personality and your brand.

If you are looking for some unique item to gift your loved ones then you should check out our range of custom keyrings or bagtags. Get a beautiful looking keyring with the name of your loved one. Our bagtags are made up of sustainable bamboo wood which is durable and looks stunning with a personalised touch.

You can choose your favourite colour and size to get the exact product as you desired. 


personalised bagtag colours

You name it and we will create for you. From engraving full name on eco-friendly bamboo to creating a beautiful and classic leather name initial, we create everything you need. 

Need beautiful name plaque for your bedroom or for your little boy's room, we have it for you. Hexi brings you the most amazing range of custom script name plaque available in various material and colours. You just need to enter the text you want, select the material and size of the plaque and we will get you the most stunning name plaque for you.

Custom Script Name Plaque

Need Custom Brand Sign for your business office? We offer amazing custom brand name board for your office and studios. Whatever your business you run, a custom made brand sign is always a highlight for your office.  These custom brand signs are carefully crafted as per your given instructions. We take care of every detail for creating your custom sign for the achieving best masterpiece.  

Custom Brand Name

Get your custom accessories designed as per your needs at HEXI. We offer unique and beautiful products at very affordable cost and hassle-free paying. We offer amazing After Pay service, you can easily pay in weekly instalments.