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Hexi custom made accessories

Everybody loves custom accessories from which they can relate something, it could be a small name initial on a bag tag, name written on a custom bag tag, having a personalised badge and much more. All these small and attractive things bring happiness and joy to life.

Hexi exactly does the same things which bring great happiness with small customized accessories. Kids love these customised accessories because they can relate to it and feel the joy of having their name written on a bag tag or a keyring.

Hexi brings a complete range of custom-made accessories for your children to make them feel special and making school going fun. Here are some cool ways to make your child's school accessories super cool and easy to identify:

1. Bag Tags and Keyrings

Hexi brings a wide and exclusive range of customized hand-made bag tags and keyrings for your child's bag. All the accessories are handmade in Australia with sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo wood. These all accessories are available in various colours and materials.

wood bag tag  


2. Supercool Lunch Packs:

A cool and awesome looking lunch pack is a good idea to get all lunch finished. Kids are more attracted to unique things and vibrant colours. Hexi offers a cool range of lunch packs which keeps the lunch fresh and hygienic. Get a lunch pack of your kid's favourite colour and bring a brighter smile on their face. 

pear design lunch pack


3. Custom Name Chalkboard

This is the best after school accessory you will have for your children. Kids love to scribble, but to let them scribble on the wall, it's a better option to get a small customised chalkboard where they can show unlimited creativity and who know they will become a great artist one day. So it's a very good gift for your children.

Custom Name chalkboard


All these super cool additions to your child's school accessories are made up of eco-friendly bamboo which are safe to use. Customize each and every Hexi product with a personal touch. 

All the Hexi accessories are hand-made of up eco-friendly materials and are safe. Hexi offers the amazing facility of AfterPay in which you can get the product and pay later in equal installments.


April 06, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse