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wall decoration

If you are wondering which is the one thing which brings aliveness and freshness to any home, without any second opinion it is the walls of your home sweet home.

Walls are the canvas which are meant to be decorated with your creativity and your favourite art. Because walls represent your choice, your taste for art and your style. Having a plain painted wall is not enough, your creativity is seamless, take it out and made a masterpiece out of it. 

As there are so many ways to turn your wall into a beautiful art piece, here are Hexi's top picks for wall decorations:

1. Having a stunning art piece on the wall

Minimalist designs looks stunning and expressive, having a wall painted with your favourite colour and decorated with a beautiful art piece looks amazing in your study room or in your drawing room. 

wall decoration

A big and self-descriptive piece of art is a worth hanging on your wall which beautifies the overall look of the room. One such art piece is Hexi's Geometric mirror heart decoration art piece which is made up of gold or silver acrylic and looks absolutely stunning in your bedroom and even in outdoor events. 

2. Custom Name Letter Decoration

Another stunning idea for decorating the walls is the custom name letter decoration. Everybody feels special when the accessory is specially made for them. Hexi offers a wide and creative range of custom decorative items and one of the art pieces is custom hand-made letter decorations. 

wall decoration

These are wood made decorative name initials with the name engraved on them. This design looks amazing in your children rooms, this is one of the most loved custom-made accessories offered by Hexi. 


3. Custom Script Name Plaque

Custom script name plaques are awesome and unique art decorative pieces for wall decor. These are the finely cut and polished custom names which enhances the beauty of your walls. Custom script names are generally large in size because they looks stunning on a plain wall. 

wall decoration

Hexi offers a wide range of custom script name plaque made of you various designs and materials including Gold Mirror, Silver Mirror, Black, White, Pink, Aqua, Dark Blue and much more.

4. The Personalised Round

This is the  most unique and attractive wall decoration accessories offered by Hexi. It looks absolutely stunning. It is designed keeping minimalist concept in the mind. The clean look of the accessory is just splendid. Available in multiple sizes and different sizes.



April 10, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse