Choosing a personalised gift for young children

Whether you have just given birth, eagerly awaiting the arrival of bubs or have that friend who's loosing lots of sleep with their bundle of joy, we have a wide selection of personalised gifts to make that gift extra special!

1. Announce the new baby

One of the very special parts of a babies arrival is the announemnt of the babies name. This eagerly anticipated event can be a tricky one to buy a gift in preperation for if mum doesn't want to let slip her name of choice in advance. Even once the name and birth date has been revealed there is still time to order that custom gift. it's common for new mums to be overwhelmed with gifts, well wishes and visitors in the first month so once the dust settles why not swoop in with a thoughtful name plaque birth announcement our ever popular personalised name token

Custom Name Token

2. Personalised Night Lights

Well....Purchasing a night like for bub is like buying your first car, maybe it's not quite this extreme but it needs to last a few years, help the child to fall asleep and of course just look awesome. Having a personalised night light isn't essential but with there being no extra costs associated to adding a name to the light it's one of those special little touches to make the nursery look that little extra. With the minefield of name night lights available it can be hard to choose the best one.

Safety - night lights need to comply with relevant required safety standards in Australia and it doesn't just stop there best practices need to be implemented when choosing a location out of reach of the child. Fortunately our name lights come with the tick of approval, laboratory testing and safety instructions on the box.

Light colour- This depends on the child's age, if its for a toddlers bedroom then they will need a light that is bright enough for reading (we suggest the option LED night light that includes a dimmer) If the light is intended for a newborn why not try on of our custom night light range that includes a selectable light colour. There are many articles available by renowned sleep professions promoting the benefit of RED hues of light to promote extended sleep it would be fair to say that every mum needs as much help as possible with extending the length of their babies sleep and for that matter improving their sleep to (red light benefiters aren't just for baby) 

personalised name night light









3. Personalised Nursery Decorations - Wall Plaques

Many new Mums and Dads find it enjoyable decorating, styling and design their child's bedroom or nursery for the first time, still it can be stressful. Where to start, with endless types of cots, change tables and high chairs to choose from some parents choose to slowly let the rooms evolve adding trinkets and decor items as they go. Some new parents like to "create" the room from scratch right away, there is no wrong or right way to do it although it can be helpful plan the direction or theme to target from the beginning. A personalised script name plaque can be made in so many colour size and font options it makes it the ideal accessory for almost any baby nursery. Try personalising the wall plaque in a mirror acrylic finish the reflections they cast around the room can be truly beautiful. 

4. Personalised water bottles

Water bottles aren't particularly glamorous topic of conversation but water is a necessity. Don't use plastic water bottles that are bad for the environment in many ways, can be bad for your child's health by leaching BPA and other toxic chemicals additionally they're not as functional as a cutting edge personalised water bottle with an insulated stainless construction. Choose a water bottle lid that is suitable for the age of child. Additionally think about the bottle cleaning, stainless steel water bottle are fantastic to clean as they don't hold odors and stains we recommend using one of our bottle cleaning brush sets to insure that the spouts and lids on the name bottles are kept clean from debris.

personalised childrens water bottle

August 11, 2021 by Danyial Jameel