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Wall decorations are amazing to turn any boring wall into a master art piece which everyone loves to see. Wall decorations can be done in many ways. From using attractive stickers to funky colour paintings, there are a lot of ways to give an artistic touch to your walls.

Hexi brings out the most amazing and unique solutions for wall decorations. Customize your wall with your creative imagination with us. We offer clutter-free wall decoration ideas using our special custom-made designs.

Our wall decorations are perfect for clean and fancy decorations. You can create an amazing custom script name plaque of your child's name or create a cool slogan for unique wall decor.

custom name tag

You can also create your own slogan wall with our custom slogan sign options. Get your most inspiring quote on your wall. The custom slogan signs can be created in your favourite material and colour including Gold mirror acrylic, Silver mirror Acrylic, Black Acrylic, White acrylic, Blue Acrylic, Pink Acrylic or Raw bamboo.

wall decoration hexi

Creating your own slogan wall is really easy with HEXI, you just need to select the size, enter the slogan and select the colour you want and it's done. This is amazing for indoor wall decorations.

Hexi has taken the wall decoration to the whole new level by creating amazing outdoor wall decoration for making your outdoor events and parties memorable for your patrons.

hexi donut wall decoration

This is Hexi's custom-made outdoor Donut Wall which you can use at your outdoor parties and events to give a perfect touch to your parties. This custom made wall decor is perfect for outdoor garden birthday parties. It not only looks attractive but also unique.

Thats not all, HEXI offers much more which is unique and attractive with an artistic touch on every custom piece. We offer amazing custom art piece for your living rooms and bedrooms.

wall decoration hexi


This is Geometric Mirror Heart Decoration which you can use in your bedroom or you can easily use it for outdoor parties and events. This is easy to handle and attach to the wall. This heart shape geometric piece looks stunning both indoor and outdoor. This heart shape art piece is durable and made up of robust material.

Give a complete makeover to your walls with HEXI wall decorations. We offer highly customizable designs with robust built quality and beautiful designs. Ordering from HEXI is really simple with the support of the amazing facility of After Pay. With the support of After Pay, you can purchase any product and pay later in instalments