The Five Best Beach Accessories Your Kids Need

The Five Best Beach Accessories Your Kids Need

Going to the beach with your tribe is always the ultimate adventure. The latest beach gear and accessories trends are always changing, but we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to improve your beach day. Some are even custom! 
How Red Light Can Help Your Baby Sleep

How Red Light Can Help Your Baby Sleep

Looking for the cure to sleepless nights with your bub who’s constantly waking or not getting to sleep in the first place at all? Red light therapy, such as sleeping with a red light can really help turn those loud cries into little snores.
night light with child and plush toy

Hexi Has Tips On Turning Nightmares Into Sweet Dreams

Here are some tips and tricks to help overcome those pesky night terrors and how to deal with after effects of a scare in the night:
personalised doormats

Personalized Door Mats by Hexi

Hexi offers an amazing collection of personalized doormats for your house and offices. Get specially customised doormats with your desired logo or text over it. Doormats are made up of eco-friendly material which are durable and easy to clean in just a few seconds. 


June 04, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse
personalised door mats

Doormat- A Decorative Way to Keep Your House Clean

Doormats are one of the most beautiful and useful additions to the house decoration. It not only looks good but also keeps the house clean throughout all the time. Hexi offers the most amazing collection of personalised doormats of your favourite designs and custom quotes. Check out the wide range of hexi personalised doormats.
June 04, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse
customised doormats

Customised Doormats for your home from Hexi

Hexi offers you amazing and coolest collection of eco-friendly and hand printed customised doormats. These personalised doormats are available in various designs and patterns. Made up of eco-friendly sustainable material.
May 16, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse
Make Birthday Party Super Special With Hexi

Make Birthday Party Super Special With Hexi

Your child's birthday is one of the most memorable days. Children always have an excited and enthusiastic corner for their birthday, it should be special, Right? As there are many ways to make the birthday party of your loved children memorable and special.

But for taking your special party to one step ahead and make it more special, Hexi brings you the most exclusive and unique ways to decorate the birthday venue with custom-made birthday accessories. 

Here are some coolest birthday decoration accessories:

Custom Cake Topper:

custom name cake topper

The one custom accessory you must have on the very special birthday is a stunning and custom made beautiful cake topper. As the cake is the main attraction of the birthday, similarly, a beautiful cake topper takes the decoration to the next and best level.

Script Name Place Setting: 

script name plaque setting

To make the birthday brunch special and memorable, Hexi brings out the most stunning and eye-grabbing mini script name settings. Impress and make your patrons feel special by this small accessory which are designed keeping attention to detail in mind. These accessories are available in various colours and designs to choose the best fit which suites your and your birthday party style.

Amazing Wall Decorations:

wall decoration accessories

Wall decoration are special and most eye-catching entity of any event. Are you hosting an outdoor party or an indoor party at your home, wall decorations are always special edition to any event.

Hexi offers wide range of wall decoration options, among which the most famous is the geometric heart decoration. This is the custom made shiny wall decoration art piece which catches everybody's attention and let them praise about this master piece. Available in multiple colours and sizes as per your requirement.

The Personalised Round:

personalised round

This is one of the best option for your child's room decoration. It's look beautiful and unique in the room. Gift this coolest name sign to your child. The Personalised Round is made up of eco-friendly bamboo which give it a natural texture. Available in various colours and font options.

Awesome Gifts:

customised lunch box

Now the most awaited thing about the birthday is arrived i.e the gift. There is no better gift then a custom made accessory on which your child's name is written. A custom made lunch box is the most useful and amazing gift you can get for your child. 

Hexi brings out the most stunning and funky lunch boxes to keep the food fresh and healthy. The lunch boxes can be customised with any design. Have a funky and cool bog design on the box or have your child's name scripted on the cover. There are so many options for customising the lunch box.




April 24, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse
wall decoration

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Favourite Wall

Get a stunning attire for your beautiful and favourite wall. Here brings complete and the most exclusive range of home wall decor items which are amazing and out of the box ideas. From custom-made mirror plaque to personalised to round business signs. Each and everything is hand-made and eco-friendly.
April 10, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse
Decorate Your Home With Hexi's Custom Hand-Made Accessories

Decorate Your Home With Hexi's Custom Hand-Made Accessories

Home decoration is an art and requires precise artistic and creative vision to decorate it perfectly. Hexi simplifies your home decoration process premium quality decor items including custom letter hooks, hand-made doormats, cushions, letter hooks and much more. All decorative items are exclusively made up of eco-friendly material which is safe to use.
April 09, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse
hexi wall decoration

How Hexi can turn a boring party into a memorable event

Twist up a boring party by fueling aliveness and uniqueness by Hexi's amazing custom party decoration items to get the party keep going. Get the stunning hexi donut wall for your outdoor events or beautiful Script Name Place Settings for your royal brunch. Hexi offers you a complete range of outdoor and indoor decor accessories which are easy and safe to use.
April 09, 2018 by Ben Wheelhouse